Hi, I'm Rhys.

I'm a photographer/filmmaker, storyteller, and art director currently based in Red River, NM. I grew up skiing in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado, and always knew I was meant for mountains, and am now excited to call New Mexico my home. 

I grew up in my dad's veterinary office, so I'm a sucker for cute animals – especially cats. I like to joke that while I might be a guy, I'll always be a cat lady. 


Focus Features, Daily Mail, Upworthy, The Advocate, Mic.com, The New York Times, TLC, Medium.com, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Good Men Project, Huffington Post

My work was selected among the Best Photography of 2014 by The Advocate Magazine, and I was part of the Emmy-nominated team for helping film a New York Times Op-Doc in 2015. 

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